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Tip the Cashier

Eat a grape and imagine what an orange might taste like were it the size of a grape. Read a line of Hicok and finish reading that line between interruptions by passing debris walking hellos walking past as you sit … Continue reading

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Grampa’s been golfing in the house again. The junk mail from Sears arrives in twos, but you throw the first piece out almost immediately and keep the second one, in case we need a duvet. Last week I drove by … Continue reading

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That Hole in the Wall

I heard you found a new outlet for love and our old microwave. I miss that thing the way it turned a bowl of cold soup into a bowl of less cold soup or how it would pop open when … Continue reading

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Screening for Your New Movie

I. Yesterday your parents argued about maraschino cherries, no, bing cherries, no maraschino. Your cousin heaving over the sink at your uncle’s joke about vegans, Aunt Christi wiping the cranberry juice corners of your niece’s squirming mouth with a paper … Continue reading

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