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The Revolt

On Sweet Doll’s birthday the wind changed and the black smoke drifted their way and Momma said, O my God. There was always black smoke from the three big black chimneys a mile away in the place where Poppa worked … Continue reading

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JS Bach in Venice

Contemplating bones in a bejeweled reliquary, they heard faint Bach, greatly improved, it turned out, by the distance. They’d thought Protestant music, like bare shoulders, was banned from Saint Mark’s Basilica but no: in an obscure corner of the edifice … Continue reading

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The Slush Machine

Depending on their imaginative powers, a snowfall can remind people of moulting angel wings, of the slow downfall of mayflies or of a defective TV screen. When the Assistant Submissions Editor of Conglomerated Publishing, Inc. emerged from the subway that … Continue reading

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