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House of Cards

after Philip Larkin’s “Essential Beauty” People sure smile a lot in advertisements, especially those with little girls running away from immaculate lawns and impossible founts into the camera, their arms like open gates. Even the panda and macaws titter in … Continue reading

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Visiting Hours

What if the Easter Bunny’s lips are sewn shut by his whiskers, and those same whiskers are still connected to his face? Would he sit alone in a corner of his padded cage screaming a muffled scream that we mistake … Continue reading

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追 (Pursuit)

My Chinese teacher once taught me that pursuit starts with a dot breaking the surface, then an upward slash to the right; the sail must be erect before the remaining strokes can appear, junk-shaped, to chase white waters. When she … Continue reading

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Fang and Fleece

It’s Sunday night, and some teenage boys and girls are playing a game of conquest and submission at the basketball court downstairs. They move in, retreat, orbit, advance again; the ball is a dribbling lie. Basketball hands, netball knees, sweaty … Continue reading

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the.old.lady.who.reads.with.her.hands. in.the.calloused.shadow.of.the.stairs. at.buona.vista.mrt.station. is.not.here.today. i.wonder.if.she.reads.this.city. the.same.way.as.i.do. her.fingers.clocking.the.miles. decoding.white.silence.in.streets. snowed.in.by.raised.ellipses. on.hard.paper. most.likely.i.will.not.get.an.answer. not.when.the.free.sheet.she.distributes. at.seven.every.morning.changes.hands. and.leaves.a.mute.stain.on.the.tongue. of.my.fingertips. as.thank.yous.eventually.stretch. into.goodbyes. we.will.pretend.our.words. are.the.only.things.capable. of.codifying.the.city’s.silence. Loh Guan Liang is the author of the poetry collection Transparent Strangers (Math Paper Press, 2012). His works have appeared … Continue reading

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