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In this place again, the for rent sign in the uterine wall, the timeline realigned for the present, the list of reasons as reminders of why. List of concerns, list of pressing matters, list of choices, list of real or … Continue reading

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The cost of fruit keeps increasing

Examination lights. Examination lights. Guava she would repeat. Mouthed around the intubation tube, eyes looking through me. Through me. Week eight, a thin mixture of calories and for blood. For blood. Fruit hanging down. Hallucinations taste like vampire nurses formula … Continue reading

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Our Bodies Are Shells That Remind Us We Belong to the Ocean

There is a mythology to this accidental lapse in consciousness. She is part of the infinitesimal beyond. Part of this experiment of decaying bodies where the extent of this flesh and lived possibility stretches our bodies across oceans. A virtuous … Continue reading

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