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Hernando’s right leg came off in a cannon shot but his brother Pedro was there to catch him as he fell. The grapeshot ripped through his bone and muscle at a high arc, fired inexpertly by the Mexicans’ own forces, … Continue reading

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The Penitent Go to Texas

Just before Easter, Val saw a woman he swore was Cecily, the girlfriend who had slept with an angel of God. Or so she’d claimed. They were in the HEB; he was in the frozen foods aisle hunting a bag … Continue reading

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Please Know Our Loving Thoughts Embrace You

When he finds her body, he is far off-trail. He had come hiking this rare sunny day just to escape an awful, stress-ridden week, and in his haste he had plunged into the green thickets of ferns and nettles and … Continue reading

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Curl Up and Burn

Every building and every landmark in Boerne, Texas is built from the chalky limestone native to the region. Other than a few wood accents, little cedar posts or oak accent walls, and the water tower gleaming white in the hot … Continue reading

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Phil woke when his grandmother stopped breathing. Her room was just down the hall from his, and he slept at night to the tidal rhythm of her apnea and her medicinal vaporizer. When the former sound ceased, he came awake … Continue reading

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