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Homeless Gary Busey

Ian Davis was an orderly man. His closets; length and style-organized on color-coded hangers with pleasing symmetry. His refrigerator; logically structured by height and food type, anything with pending expiration dates moved weekly to the front. He scrubbed his kitchen … Continue reading

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Midnight Elvis

During the day my father had the appetite of an elderly woman. A single poached egg and a bit of dry toast for breakfast. Lunch, a sliced tomato with a dollop of tuna fish. Later, a monk’s dinner, boiled chicken … Continue reading

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The Soap Board

My father was a collector of sorts. Not the kind of man that collected cars or coins or anything most people would perceive to be of value. Little chance we’d discover dusty Pollocks and de Koonings squirreled away in a … Continue reading

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