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At the Supermarket

She turned quickly in my direction and muttered, “Pigs.” My first inclination was to apologize, fearing she had caught me checking out her ass while I pushed my grocery cart to my car. She was a tall, thin African-American woman, … Continue reading

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Writing Woes

I wrote a story about a year ago, A clever little story, I thought, About an older man overcoming his Memories of being bullied as a boy. It’s a fairly short story, so it probably took Only a few hours … Continue reading

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Where’d I Leave That Damn Poem?

Where’d I leave That damn poem? I looked under the bed And behind the couch, I searched my office, Even checked the fridge. I saw it this morning Just after I woke, But I got distracted Responding to emails, Reading … Continue reading

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The Transition

At six feet six, people naturally referred to Edward Biggs as Big Eddie. And he grew up with a confidence, even a cockiness, to match his name and size. The transition from high school jock to college athlete went as … Continue reading

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